Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tracking every bite...

So Yesterday was as follows

Morning- Green Monster (same as usual) kinda wanting to change it up but we'll see whats on sale first :)- Flax, Spinach, Banana, Milk, Natural PB

Class-Skinny Vanilla Latte from *Bucks

Early Lunch- Blackberry Jam on Whole Wheat Bread

Mid Afternoon Slump- Coffee w/ cream and sugar and 10 baby carrots (I know i dont know why i thought it went together but I was hungry and had no time to eat and thought it was better than nothing)

Dinner- Chicken Taco Salad w/ Guacamole for Dressing so FLIPPING GOOD :)

dessert 2 reeses pb eggs....they were fab so worth it ;)

This morning so far
Morning- SAME Green Monster as yesterday w/ the last of my spinach and bananas...I love finishing my produce rather than having to trash it because it went bad....I'M GROWING here people...and maybe I'm still not really cooking but I'm getting there sort of :)

& Cup of Coffee w/ Cream and Sugar that I just finished.

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