Monday, March 29, 2010

First Day Of Pics...

Started my Morning off with a Green Monster- Spinach, Skim Milk, Banana, Flax and PB and a cup of Coffee!
Morning Snack of These little Guys

This was very Yummy-Arnold Thin w/ Chicken Sliced, Spinach, Carrots and Rasperries
Afternoon Snack w/ a handful of these
While my Dinner was cooking.....
Steamed these added some EVOO and little bit of salt...what a letdown...:(
Some PB and Blackberry Preserves on Whole Wheat Toast
and some Yougurt for dessert this is FAB!!!!!!
And thats it :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Ok so i'm going to try and update this everyday...we'll see how this goes

Woke up late today had a late night last night that included a few cocktails :)
Brunch around 11:40 was
Subway- 6inch on Italian Herbs and cheese Turkey Provolone Cheese and Spinach, Lettuce, Tomato and Mayo {no pics i'm really going to try and take them just gotta get the hang of it}

4:00pm Cup of Coffee pick me up
Nescafe Instant w/ French Vanilla Creamer and a little sugar

7:30 Dinner- Veggie Burger w/ Provolone Cheese, Spinach and Avacado on an Arnold Thin and some carrots and raspberries

Also watch This is it today it was Amazing!!!

Homework time and Laundry and Cleaning the kitchen and I have to be up early so I need to get to bed.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Moving my Body and Learning to Love Cooking

So this isn't my first blog...but it may be my last :)
I'm super excited to have a healthy living blog/fit blog/food blog....anyway I've been reading several different ones in the past year or so and they are so motivating and fun. After I read all the posts last weekend about FitBloggin' I've decided to lace up my shoes and do it. Why not...the worst that could happen is no one reads this and I have some amazing memories.

So oddly enough I hardly ever cook which is odd considering Cooking is in the name of this blog. Well I'm ready to learn, Shedding It & Getting it had a video yesterday about Jaime Oliver-Food Revolution, and no it wasn't the first time it dawned on me that maybe cooking would help me get healthy but it did kick my butt in gear and say wake up and join the revolution. I'm the girl eating pb&j sandwiches and frozen meals for lunch when of course I'm not frequenting fast food places around town. I'm ready to change I'm ready to bring my lunch to work everyday (healthy ones) drink GREEN MONSTERS for breakfast and post/pre workouts. And load up my oatmeal with tons of filling whole yummy foods. I'm 26 years old and hardly know(or am to lazy to care) about cooking. Changes are about to happen.

Ohhh did I mention I don't really like vegetables either...ohh an i'm a recovering (12/29/2009) pop (soda) addict.

{Bare with me I'm not a writer or very good at grammer...hehe}