Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nerves and eating

So I got my first Comment from Beth I was very excited to say the least.

Anyway I've been actually cooking a bit lately which gives me this amazing sense of pride. Last night I had Eggs with Spinach and Baby Bel Cheese w/ Tortillas and Avocado... I was very impressed with myself, It was almost an omelet but not quite, I'm going to try for that next time :)

So today
6am- 1 pc of WW Arnold toast w/ pb and blackberry jam and a cup of coffee w/ skim milk and a bit of sugar

I had an exam at 8 and I was a ball of nerves so I really didn't want to eat but I knew it would make me feel better and keep me alert. Then by the end of the exam I was starving so I had a snack.

10am- Vanilla Yogurt w/ Flax and Banana

Thats all for now :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Food for the day

Green Monster- Flax PB Spinach Banana Milk
Coffee with French Vanilla Silk Creamer and Sugar
Snack- Grapes

Lunch Toasted Turkey Provolone Spinach and Avocado Sandwich
Carrots and More Grapes with Peach Iced Tea

So I've been doing Core fusion still slowly but surely still doing 2 or 3- 10 min segments each time and getting cardio in. Its so much more fun getting your body moving when the weather cooperates but in this area that is never promised! So I'm going to make sure I move my body for 30 minutes per day. Today I have already went for a 10 minute walk for a break and work and I plan on going for another pretty soon. Then later tonight I'm going to do 30 minutes of glutes and thighs core fusion.

K I'm trying to post everyday I'm really going to try much harder. I just love reading everyone'S blogs so much....yep sorry no EXCUSES!

Friday, April 9, 2010


So yesterday I ended up getting take out... yep i did
I had pesto noodles with mushrooms and chicken and tomatoes it was good and I did opt for the smallest size but really I should've bought the stuff and made it myself grrr!!!

Okay so here has been my weak MOVIN' for the week
I'm doing the core fusion This includes (Body Sculpt, Pilates, and thighs and glutes and 5 different workouts per dvd) I just got the set of dvd's

Monday- I did Body Sculpt- arms and shoulders & thighs portions 20 min
Tuesday- The rest of of Body Sculpt- Glutes & Abs & Stretching 30 min
Friday- I did Pilates - arms and shoulders & Thighs 20 min

Next week i'm going to try and do the whole dvd straight through :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

100 days

Free of my ex carbonated Love :)
aka SODA/Pop

i'm so exstatic.

Tracking every bite...

So Yesterday was as follows

Morning- Green Monster (same as usual) kinda wanting to change it up but we'll see whats on sale first :)- Flax, Spinach, Banana, Milk, Natural PB

Class-Skinny Vanilla Latte from *Bucks

Early Lunch- Blackberry Jam on Whole Wheat Bread

Mid Afternoon Slump- Coffee w/ cream and sugar and 10 baby carrots (I know i dont know why i thought it went together but I was hungry and had no time to eat and thought it was better than nothing)

Dinner- Chicken Taco Salad w/ Guacamole for Dressing so FLIPPING GOOD :)

dessert 2 reeses pb eggs....they were fab so worth it ;)

This morning so far
Morning- SAME Green Monster as yesterday w/ the last of my spinach and bananas...I love finishing my produce rather than having to trash it because it went bad....I'M GROWING here people...and maybe I'm still not really cooking but I'm getting there sort of :)

& Cup of Coffee w/ Cream and Sugar that I just finished.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So far today

Yea...this isn't impressive by any means but I did bypass a very alluring chocolate cake so I'm feeling good about myself overall.

9am Coffee- Coffeemate French Vanilla and Sugar
11pm- Great Harvest Apple Crunch Bread

1pm- Carrots and raspberries
2:30- Great Harvest Nine Grain bread with PB and an Orange

thats all so far...i'm working so thats why everything is so spaced out :)

Still not keeping up will come :)

So yesterday I started out w/ some
6:30am Honey Nut Cheerios
8am- Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte HOT
Noon- Carrots and Raspberries and PB homemade egg from my easter basket
1pm- Marie Callanders-Chicken Pot Pie
3pm- Blended Frozen Coffee-Butterscotch flavor (with a coworker it was very rich)
8pm- PB and Blackberry Jam on an arnold THIN

WOW...i did pretty crappy today- hardly any veggies and fruits I didnt go grocery shopping this week. I'm thinking thats the problem. I have no nanners to make my green monster. I'll stop and pick some up tonight.

After dinner?? I did two parts of the Core Fusion Series- Body Sculpt (arms and shoulders) & (thighs) 20 min total it was tough but today I'm going to do the rest of the core fusion Body Sculpt DVD and hopefully I'll be doing the whole video from there on on out. I also have Core Fusion- thighs and glutes video and pilates that I'm pretty excited about. My motivation comes from Rachael at Shedding it & Getting It.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Ugh....last night

Was quite the meltdown....Personally I'm in a turning point in my life where I have so many different roads to take my brain is becoming overwhelmed. In my realationship, my job my lease on the apartment I've lived in for the last 4 years will be up in a few months...there are so many possibilites and don't get me wrong I'm excited and all, I just don't want to make the wrong decision. So anyway after my 10 hour work day and going to school for an hour I bailed I went to make some choices I cried I yelled I fought with all my heart to save or move on I didn't know and really got no where with my relationship. Nothing is different except all my fears and all my doubts are now out in the open and I feel vulnerable.

So after that I came home starved since I hadn't ate since almost lunch and I fell right back to my old stand by PB and (Blackberry) J and a baby bell and a small glass of skim milk. Hey better than Mcd's :)

This morning I had a banana on the way to work. Its Good Friday and I am catholic so I will be fasting....basically just eating small sustainable meals no frills or eating between meals.

Okay thats all.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lets try this again...

I now know the time and dedication that goes into food blogs...
Yea I know i've only had one picture post but that was tough :) Okay lets just start with today sans pictures heheh i think that will be helpful and I'll just add pictures more and more as I go.

6:10am- Green Monster- Spinach 2 cups, Some Skim Milk, PB, Flax and a Nanner

6:30am- she still keeps kicking my butt!!! :D

9:00am- Cup of Coffee- Nescafe(instant) pit of sugar and a bit of cream french vanilla coffeemate
12:00pm- Lunch- Sub, Turkey, Lettuce, Tomato and Sprouts...and a bit of mayo and a bunch of baby carrots
2:00pm- babybell cheese round

Yes I realize I still am not really cooking but after those mediocre Brussels sprouts I steamed the other day I'm not very motivated to do so....But Don't worry I'M not going to quit.

I have a night of sitting in school in my future and with this amazing weather we have today I'm not looking forward to it at all. But I probably wouldn't be looking forward to it even if it were freezing out and raining.