Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Still not keeping up here...it will come :)

So yesterday I started out w/ some
6:30am Honey Nut Cheerios
8am- Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte HOT
Noon- Carrots and Raspberries and PB homemade egg from my easter basket
1pm- Marie Callanders-Chicken Pot Pie
3pm- Blended Frozen Coffee-Butterscotch flavor (with a coworker it was very rich)
8pm- PB and Blackberry Jam on an arnold THIN

WOW...i did pretty crappy today- hardly any veggies and fruits I didnt go grocery shopping this week. I'm thinking thats the problem. I have no nanners to make my green monster. I'll stop and pick some up tonight.

After dinner?? I did two parts of the Core Fusion Series- Body Sculpt (arms and shoulders) & (thighs) 20 min total it was tough but today I'm going to do the rest of the core fusion Body Sculpt DVD and hopefully I'll be doing the whole video from there on on out. I also have Core Fusion- thighs and glutes video and pilates that I'm pretty excited about. My motivation comes from Rachael at Shedding it & Getting It.

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