Friday, May 21, 2010

Rain again...UGH!

So after my amazing cup of Joe yesterday I wasn't hungry for awhile, Then around 2pm I was starving I had

1 spinach tortilla
Deli Turkey
dab of miracle whip ICK! (I'VE been using avocado as an alternative lately, but they were all really soft/rotten looking when i went to the grocery store on Sunday :/)

1 vanilla Greek yogurt- vanilla (why don't i like Greek yogurt...i don't get it)
kashi granola bar
a couple strawberries a few blueberries
all mixed I was stuffed that Greek yogurt never ends...i threw the rest away and just ate the parts with the granola and fruit so about 1/2 the container of yogurt was trashed. I just don't like it. It reminds me of sour cream minus the sour. I will not be buying that again.

Last night me and my roommate were supposed to go out for dinner and instead we had to help a friend, which became an adventure that lasted about 2 hours so finally at 8 we decided on domino's yea i know this is really helping me get healthy and no i really didn't make any good decisions besides the fact I think I was still full from lunch which resulted in me eating 2 pc. of ham and mushroom pizza. Alright next time I need a game plan that at least involves some greens :)

This morning
1 hazelnut latte with skim
1 vanilla whip yogurt w/ pineapple

Sipping on some hot tea-unsweetened as we speak.

Happy Friday everyone.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy day.

So last night I went home and cooked some eggs (Surprise, surprise) Its something that I'm confident will taste good and you really can't mess them up too bad. So...

2 spinach Tortillas
3 eggs (i was hungry but this was still too much! 2 next time for sure)
a few baby bella mushrooms
a few quarted grape tomatoes
a slice of swiss cheese
and a few slices of cut up deli ham

I was seriously impressed and they were scrambled :)

After dinner I went for a 30 minute walk.

This morning I woke up and went for another 30 min. walk it was a gorgeous morning on the trail behind my apt. I went Ipod-less and just listened to the birds chirp and crickets and the frogs as the sun rose through the trees it was a very spiritual experience.

Came home and had an
English Muffin
Natural Skippy PB
Smuckers Red Rasp Jam
and FLAX

Cup of Coffee w/ Sugar and Skim Milk
i recently found a secret on a blog can't remember which one but it says when drinking instant coffee to put the coffee crystals in your cup with your sugar and cream or milk and stir quickly in a whipping type motion and then pour in your hot water it makes the coffee more creamy and more latte-ish. It actually works try it out :)

Okay back to work.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Finally Spring is Back

So last night I went out for Applebee's and will be again having it for lunch its pasta with the 2 for 20$ deal I figured that would be best for left overs. I didn't over eat and I had a sangria that was amazing :) and a little spinach artichoke dip before hand.

Coffee-Skim Milk, Sugar, and a dab of coffeemate french vanilla (i'm trying to rid this coffeemate)
English Muffin with pb and red rasp jam

So here is the deal... i really didn't want this blog to be a weight loss blog because losing the weight is only part of a healthy journey. Losing is the time to square you up so you start a journey of healthy living. But In order to live this way I really need to start focusing on getting these hindering pounds off of my body. So I'm laying it on the table...

May 11th 2010
bmi = 29.2 which is considered Overweight = 25-29.9
and almost OBESE...serious borderline I'm on here.

So really I'm thinking 35-40 lbs would be a good goal to shoot for. I'm not going to starve myself or anything crazy I just want to be healthy and as I've said I honestly believe eating more veggies and fruits and less processed junk will be very helpful...I also have this drive to want to be a runner I used to run in high school (when I was about 120 lbs) and I loved it, but I had a very unhealthy view on running and fitness. I wasn't mentally healthy and it was a road to destruction. Lots of disordered eating and exercising later I'm a bit more level headed and honestly want my body to work the way its supposed to. So that's my story. I'll add more soon and I will be setting some weekly goals.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cold Baseball Game

The baseball game was awesome last night!! Yankee's won and JayZ and Eminem made an appearance from their WARM box :)

We had the best Seats I've ever had to a pro sport game. Even though it was about 50 degree's

anywho... before the game we stopped at subway

6 inch Whole Wheat
Provolone Cheese

and a cookie 1/2 Choc Chip 1/2 White Choc Chocolate Cookie

This morning...
PBJ Sandwhich and a cup of Tea

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rainy Wednesday

So last night I helped my boy make fajitas :) they were excellent...I can totally make them no problem. Why have I never tried??? is the question. So that was a ton of fun. We just steam fried the chicken with chicken seasoning added some green peppers and mushrooms and added some Mexican cheese and lettuce and tortiallas. I am also having this for lunch :)

Breakfast wasn't so good it was a baby bell cheese and a banana and a hazelnut latte I was running late for a girl Dr. appointment which made my stomach in knots so I'm lucky I got anything down at all.

also Baseball game tonight in the rain...this should be interesting.

I'm also contemplating some blogging conferences I obviously have no idea what I'm doing on here so i think it would be pretty fun. Also is there any easier way to upload pics...i have been taking them with my phone sending them to my email and then saving them to my computer and then putting them up...seems like there should be an easier way. I really want this blog to go somewhere so if anyone has a few words of wisdom for me it would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great afternoon :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nerves and eating

So I got my first Comment from Beth I was very excited to say the least.

Anyway I've been actually cooking a bit lately which gives me this amazing sense of pride. Last night I had Eggs with Spinach and Baby Bel Cheese w/ Tortillas and Avocado... I was very impressed with myself, It was almost an omelet but not quite, I'm going to try for that next time :)

So today
6am- 1 pc of WW Arnold toast w/ pb and blackberry jam and a cup of coffee w/ skim milk and a bit of sugar

I had an exam at 8 and I was a ball of nerves so I really didn't want to eat but I knew it would make me feel better and keep me alert. Then by the end of the exam I was starving so I had a snack.

10am- Vanilla Yogurt w/ Flax and Banana

Thats all for now :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Food for the day

Green Monster- Flax PB Spinach Banana Milk
Coffee with French Vanilla Silk Creamer and Sugar
Snack- Grapes

Lunch Toasted Turkey Provolone Spinach and Avocado Sandwich
Carrots and More Grapes with Peach Iced Tea

So I've been doing Core fusion still slowly but surely still doing 2 or 3- 10 min segments each time and getting cardio in. Its so much more fun getting your body moving when the weather cooperates but in this area that is never promised! So I'm going to make sure I move my body for 30 minutes per day. Today I have already went for a 10 minute walk for a break and work and I plan on going for another pretty soon. Then later tonight I'm going to do 30 minutes of glutes and thighs core fusion.

K I'm trying to post everyday I'm really going to try much harder. I just love reading everyone'S blogs so much....yep sorry no EXCUSES!