Friday, May 21, 2010

Rain again...UGH!

So after my amazing cup of Joe yesterday I wasn't hungry for awhile, Then around 2pm I was starving I had

1 spinach tortilla
Deli Turkey
dab of miracle whip ICK! (I'VE been using avocado as an alternative lately, but they were all really soft/rotten looking when i went to the grocery store on Sunday :/)

1 vanilla Greek yogurt- vanilla (why don't i like Greek yogurt...i don't get it)
kashi granola bar
a couple strawberries a few blueberries
all mixed I was stuffed that Greek yogurt never ends...i threw the rest away and just ate the parts with the granola and fruit so about 1/2 the container of yogurt was trashed. I just don't like it. It reminds me of sour cream minus the sour. I will not be buying that again.

Last night me and my roommate were supposed to go out for dinner and instead we had to help a friend, which became an adventure that lasted about 2 hours so finally at 8 we decided on domino's yea i know this is really helping me get healthy and no i really didn't make any good decisions besides the fact I think I was still full from lunch which resulted in me eating 2 pc. of ham and mushroom pizza. Alright next time I need a game plan that at least involves some greens :)

This morning
1 hazelnut latte with skim
1 vanilla whip yogurt w/ pineapple

Sipping on some hot tea-unsweetened as we speak.

Happy Friday everyone.

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  1. NOO don't give up on the greek yogurt!! Did you add a sweetner, like Splenda or Stevia?