Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy day.

So last night I went home and cooked some eggs (Surprise, surprise) Its something that I'm confident will taste good and you really can't mess them up too bad. So...

2 spinach Tortillas
3 eggs (i was hungry but this was still too much! 2 next time for sure)
a few baby bella mushrooms
a few quarted grape tomatoes
a slice of swiss cheese
and a few slices of cut up deli ham

I was seriously impressed and they were scrambled :)

After dinner I went for a 30 minute walk.

This morning I woke up and went for another 30 min. walk it was a gorgeous morning on the trail behind my apt. I went Ipod-less and just listened to the birds chirp and crickets and the frogs as the sun rose through the trees it was a very spiritual experience.

Came home and had an
English Muffin
Natural Skippy PB
Smuckers Red Rasp Jam
and FLAX

Cup of Coffee w/ Sugar and Skim Milk
i recently found a secret on a blog can't remember which one but it says when drinking instant coffee to put the coffee crystals in your cup with your sugar and cream or milk and stir quickly in a whipping type motion and then pour in your hot water it makes the coffee more creamy and more latte-ish. It actually works try it out :)

Okay back to work.

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