Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Finally Spring is Back

So last night I went out for Applebee's and will be again having it for lunch its pasta with the 2 for 20$ deal I figured that would be best for left overs. I didn't over eat and I had a sangria that was amazing :) and a little spinach artichoke dip before hand.

Coffee-Skim Milk, Sugar, and a dab of coffeemate french vanilla (i'm trying to rid this coffeemate)
English Muffin with pb and red rasp jam

So here is the deal... i really didn't want this blog to be a weight loss blog because losing the weight is only part of a healthy journey. Losing is the time to square you up so you start a journey of healthy living. But In order to live this way I really need to start focusing on getting these hindering pounds off of my body. So I'm laying it on the table...

May 11th 2010
bmi = 29.2 which is considered Overweight = 25-29.9
and almost OBESE...serious borderline I'm on here.

So really I'm thinking 35-40 lbs would be a good goal to shoot for. I'm not going to starve myself or anything crazy I just want to be healthy and as I've said I honestly believe eating more veggies and fruits and less processed junk will be very helpful...I also have this drive to want to be a runner I used to run in high school (when I was about 120 lbs) and I loved it, but I had a very unhealthy view on running and fitness. I wasn't mentally healthy and it was a road to destruction. Lots of disordered eating and exercising later I'm a bit more level headed and honestly want my body to work the way its supposed to. So that's my story. I'll add more soon and I will be setting some weekly goals.

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